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Sarlat Gourmet
Farmers’ Markets

The gourmet farmers’ market is held on Wednesday mornings and all day on Saturdays. If you are a true gourmet, Sarlat offers one of the finest farmers’ market in the world.

There are several different types of markets for you to indulge in local products throughout the year, all in an exceptional setting!

The Sarlat organic market is open all year long at Place de la Poste on late Thursday afternoons. There is another organic market held on the grounds of the Château de Campagnac on the road to Brive as you leave the village of Campagnac on late Wednesday afternoons.

At the covered market of Sarlat, which you’ll find behind the immense door of the former Sainte-Marie church in the the historical center, there are cheeses, fruits, vegetables, walnut pies, and an abundance of other local products.

In the wintertime, there the truffle markets and duck and goose markets on Saturday mornings.

In the summer months, no less than 3 farmers’ markets are open every day in the surrounding villages. On Wednesdays and Sunday in the nearby villages, in July and August, there are no less than 7 farmers’ markets offering 100% local food.

In the villages near Sarlat, the markets are to see and experience, each one with its own unique style, and all products are 100% local. In the summertime, the night markets are highly recommended to enjoy a truly convivial meal with the people of the town. At these night markets, you choose fresh products right from the stands and have them prepared for you on-site. You can then dine with friends and family at one of the long tables on the village square! With a bar, barbecue, and festive atmosphere, this truly feels like the best of summertime.

The area’s farmers’ markets are a great place to meet farmers, breeders, and craftsmen of the region. Under the official label “Marchés des Producteurs de Pays”, assigned by the Chamber of Agriculture, farmers’ markets are the ideal places to purchase high-quality, seasonal farm-fresh products. Here, farmers guarantee you total accountability in terms of agricultural practices.


On the Thursday and Friday of Ascension weekend, the local farmers gather in Sarlat. To find them, just stroll through the streets of the medieval town centre. Milk, honey, wine, sausages, mushrooms, jams and chestnuts of the Périgord are readily available. This is one of the major gourmet gatherings of the year!

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Local Food Producers Weekend



This event is held on the fourth weekend in September each year on Place de la Grande Rigaudie at the entrance to the medieval town. It has become a favorite of French and international travellers.

If you are looking for a gourmet event in a convivial atmosphere, on Saturday evening just about everyone in Sarlat gathers on the Place de la Grande Rigaudie.

Starting at 6:30pm, the open-air meal is held under the tents and is a great way to sample gourmet Sarlat specialties, including the famous Périgord walnut cake.

Early on Sunday morning, witness the popular seasonal migration of sheep. From one of the villages in the surroundings, you can follow a herd of 200 sheep to Sarlat.

When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by local farm stands, gourmet food workshops and various cooking demonstrations and tastings.



To celebrate the “Black Gold of the Périgord,” the Sarlat Truffle Festival takes place every year in mid-January. Workshops, demonstrations, cooking lessons, competitions and truffle market, all in a festive atmosphere, with music in the streets and the many Bergerac wines flowing freely.

Mid-January, in Sarlat

Truffle Festival

7th art


Sarlat is the third most filmed location in France. Ridley Scott’s most recent film, The Last Duel, with Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and Ben Affleck was filmed in Sarlat.

Robert Hossein’s Les Misérables, Luc Besson’s The Story of Joan of Arc, and Bertrand Tavernier’s Revenge of the Musketeers were all shott here as well.

Each year in mid-November, Sarlat is host to the Sarlat Film Festival for five days as Sarlat pays tribute to the art of filmmaking.

Well-known actors and film directors are known to attend the premiere.

High school students interested in literature and film come to Sarlat from all over France for the Sarlat Film Festival.

Students in their final year of secondary school studies gather for the film-oriented lectures and encounters each year at the Sarlat film center, where they have the opportunity to meet directors, actors and scriptwriters, professionals from all aspects of film-making and are invited to try out to be one of the seven Young Jury members of the year!


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Theater, Christmas market, sporting event, and heritage, Sarlat is a city that lives all year round to the rhythm of its many activities.

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Heritage Days

On the third weekend in September, many exhibits and activities are planned to celebrate European Heritage Days. Each year cities and villages all across France offer free entrance to many sites that are normally closed to the public. Unique to Sarlat is the 2000 candles that are lit throughout the village and highlight its enchanted atmosphere. Follow the candles along the streets throughout the town!


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